lunes, 16 de abril de 2007

Unit 12: At the Doctor's

For this unit my friend Daniela and I dramatized a dialog in which both of us went to the doctor's. Here's the script:

Daniela C: Hi! Friend, how are you?
Martha: I don´t feel well, come on in, Do you want to drink something?
Daniela C: Yes, coffee please. What happen, you don’t look well?
Martha: Yes, this week, I have felt a pain in my chest.
Daniela C: and you haven’t seen a Doctor? If you want go with you?
Martha: Yes, OK.
Daniela C: Good morning, my friend needs to see a Doctor.
Daniela M: good morning, what’s your name? ¿how old are you?
Martha: My name is Martha Lopez and I´m 40 years old.
Daniela M: What do you feel?
Martha: I have a pain my chest since few days a go.
Daniela M: wait a minute. That’s because of the age. Ha ha ha.
Daniela M: Doctor you have a patient
Ruth: Tell her to come on in.
Martha: Good morning Doctor, I'm feeling very bad.
Ruth: Good morning, let me take you the tension. You have it high too.
Ruth: Do you eat too much fat?
Martha: Yes, I do.
Ruth: Do you drink liquor?
Martha: once in a while...
Ruth: Do you make exercise?
Martha: No, I don´t.
Ruth: I think you have problems with your heart, because of your bad diet, I’ll prescribe you some vitamins, try not to eat fat and make exercise every day.
Martha: Thanks, Doctor.
Ruth: You're welcome, get better.
Martha: Good morning lady, I need the price of these vitamins.
Pharmaceutic: They cost $200
Martha: Whaaat?
Daniela C: My God! Martha what happened to you?
Daniela C: Please, please, a doctor.
Daniela M: and what happened?
Daniela C: I don´t know, call the Doctor.
Daniela M: Ok, I’ll go.
Daniela M: Doctor you have a fainted patient.
Ruth: Fainted? What she has is a heart attack.

Unit 15: Biographies

I only admire God.

He's lived from before time, created our world and all of us, watches over us, he's all-powerful and all-present, he's always there when we need him and he's the only one we can trust.

Unit 14: Last Weekend

Last weekend, I visited friends on Friday night, we went out to a park, that night we went to the stadium and enjoyed ourselves.
I had a great day, nice, cool very fun.

The Saturday I went to a restaurant with my boyfriend, we ate hot dogs and drank apple juice it’s very cool and delicious.
I had a nice day, cool, spectacular and great.

The Sunday I went to the movies with my family, we watched a movie of Tom Cruise. I also went to get my job payment, but I couldn’t get it because the bank had no money.
I had a bad and boring day.

Unit 13: Where's URBE?

1. Where’s the Hotel?
It’s on the corner of Vane Street, and the second avenue,
across from the University.
v How do I get to Hotel Carol from Department La Rosa?
Walk up Victory street to the second avenue, turn left on the second avenue and walk up one block, the Hotel is next to the University.

2. Where’s the University?
It’s between Vane Street and Victory Street, it’s across from the drugstore.
v How do I get to University from Doctors Hospital?
Go up on Vane street to the second avenue, turn right walk half a block, the University is on your left across from the drugstore.

3. Where’s the City Bank?
It’s on Vane Street, between the Second Avenue and 2° Street.
v How do I get to City Bank from Mall Center?
Walk two blocks on second avenue and turn left on Vane Street, walk half a block the City bank is on your right.

4. Where’s is the School?
It’s on the Second Avenue, behind mall Center, next to the University.
v How do I get to the School from the Square.
Walk up two blocks on Victory Street, turn right on the Second Avenue and walk half a block, the school is on your left.

5. Where’s the Police Station?
It’s on the Second Avenue, behind Carol Hotel.
v How do I get to the Police Station from Carol Restaurant?
Walk up two blocks on the First Avenue, turn right and there it is.

The country of Egypt is a place in northern Africa; most of the people who live there believe in a religion called Islam and the people who believe in that religion are called Muslims. They believe in a god called Allah, and they celebrate a festival called Ramadan, this festival is celebrated in the ninth month of the year and the festival takes the whole month.

The Ramadan is a special time for the Muslims, because it’s a time to pray to their God Allah, they pray five times a day, in their houses or in the mosques, a mosque is a temple or a church.

When they get prepared for the Ramadan, they wake up before the sun rises and eat a big breakfast called Suhur, because they don’t eat or drink from the sun rise until sunset all they have is when they break their fast, that breakfast will give them all the energy they need for the day and for the Suhur they may eat fruits, frosted pastries, scrambled eggs, toast, pancakes and they drink milk or fresh orange juice to keep themselves healthy and strong and they thank Allah for giving them the strength to live.

I think that It’s a good festival because people like it and it’s about the religion, but I don’t like the idea of noteating for all day long.

Unit 10: Talents and Sports

Hi, my name is Marta Lopez
I can play volleyball, it is very fun, nice, beautiful and cool.
I like cooking, it is my favorite hobby, and I don’t like to play soccer.
My sister and my Dad play volleyball with me
My parents think that volleyball is a great sport, they enjoy it.

Unit 9: Broccoli is Good for You

I learned through with the food pyramid the way of eating more healthy in order to preserve our good health. But every once and then, eating a hamburger doesn't hurt.

Here's the pyramid I drew:

-Checked by Christian Meier